Risk Assessment Policy

Added: March 7, 2016





FINANCIAL ASSESSMENT – The Council will follow the model financial regulations as set out by the National Association of Local Councils and adopted by the Parish Council.


The main areas of internal control are:

  • Councillors will never sign blank cheques with all cheques to be signed by two councillors – the clerk is not to be a signatory on the bank accounts
  • Bill Payments will be agreed at PC meetings and recorded in the minutes
  • There is to be no petty cash with the clerk purchasing sundry items as need be and claiming such sums via his/her expenses against receipts
  • The budget will be set prior to applying for the precept and this will be periodically reviewed at PC meetings
  • The clerk will be the Responsible Financial Officer and will administer the accounts in a proper manner ensuring correct records and internal and external audits are completed
  • The chairman will act as the internal auditor for the PC and will periodically check the accounts and bank reconciliations with the clerk
  • An independent Internal Auditor is appointed by Northants CALC and the PC will take note of any recommendations to ensure correct standards of accounting are maintained
  • Any comments from the Internal/External Auditors will be minuted and adhered to
  • The Accounts will be available for public inspection
  • The PC will obtain at least two quotations for major items of expenditure


Review of effectiveness of internal audit:


A full review was circulated ahead of the …….. meeting and it was agreed that:


  • The scope of the internal audit covered all relevant risks
  • The Chairman undertakes “spot” checks of the PC’s books on a random basis throughout the year.
  • The Internal Auditor, being appointed by Northants CALC is considered to be independent, unbiased and objective and their Terms of Reference are to be reviewed and updated as necessary.
  • Both the Chairman and Independent Auditor are competent with sufficient knowledge to undertake these duties
  • The Clerk is the RFO and his responsibilities along with those of the Councillors and Internal Auditor are defined
  • The planning and reporting of all financial aspects of the PC are under constant, regular review to ensure all aspects of the responsibilities here are up to date.


INSURANCE – The PC will review its insurance policy annually at renewal to ensure adequate cover is in place, and keep its public liability insurance up to date.  All new capital items are to be insured at time of purchase











PARISH COUNCILLORS – will endeavour to work as a team and be aware of their responsibilities as to the law and proper PC procedures. Councillors have responsibility to exercise probity in all financial matters.


They will attend meetings regularly.


They will be provided with a copy of “The Good Councillors Guide” and be familiar and endeavour to comply with the:


  • Freedom of Information Act    }The clerk will endeavour to see that the PC operates in
  • Race Discrimination Act          }accordance with the law and maintains the correct
  • Disability Discrimination Act  }records as required by law
  • Data Protection Act                  }


and also the following previously agreed and minuted procedures and policies:


  • Model Code of Conduct
  • Training
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Grievance
  • Health & Safety



STANDING ORDERS – The PC will abide by the model “Standing Orders” which has been adopted by the council


ASSET REGISTER – The PC will maintain an assets register which is addended


DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – Councillors will be asked, at the start of each meeting if they have any interests to declare, and if they do, it will be so minuted with the reason why, and they will leave the meeting although they are allowed to participate in discussions.


PROPERTY – For public safety the PC will “walk” the village, at least annually, to ensure all its property, and areas of responsibility, are in a good state of repair and order.







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