Orlingbury Drama Group – Nov 2017 Play

Orlingbury Drama Group next play will be “The Unvarnished Truth”, a black farce by Royce Ryton.

It will be performed at Orlingbury Village Hall from Wednesday 8th November to Saturday 11th November 2017 at 7pm each night.  Details on this poster – The Unvarnished Truth Poster 2017 v5

Tom and Annabel are a reasonably happy married couple. One evening they have an argument as to who loves the other most. A rough and tumble ensues, and Tom discovers to his horror that Annabel is dead. So starts a hectic evening of black farce which also involves Tom’s policeman and his literary agent. It seems no woman can enter the house without rapidly becoming deceased. Annabel’s mother and Tom’s appalling landlady follow and disposal of bodies becomes an acute problem. The arrival of a grim police inspector complicates matters until a further corpse involves him too. The hysterical ending finds the stage littered with female corpses, frantic males and a potential fifth victim banging on the door.



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