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Parish Council Minutes 16th May 2013.






ORLINGBURY PARISH COUNCIL Minutes of the Meeting 16th MAY 2013.


Peter Allen, Councillors Allison Campbell, Nigel Coles, Nicola Reynolds, and Barry Rootham. 2 members of the public, John Hutchings and Rod Derry.


Apologies were received and accepted from Alison McLaven. Minutes recorded by Nicola Reynolds.

  • 37. Public Question Time:
  • Rod Derry questioned whether the ratified PC minutes could be added to the village blog?
  • The Clerk is invited to clarify.


  • 38. Election of Chairman and Deputy: 
  • Councillor Campbell  proposed Councillor  Coles, seconded by Councillor Reynolds. All in favour.
  • Councillor Coles proposed Councillor Campbell as Deputy Chairman, seconded by Councillor Reynolds. All in favour.


  • 39. Approval of minutes: 
  • 39.1 AGM minutes of 5.5.12 taken as a true record. Proposed by Councillor Allen and seconded by Councillor Campbell. It was clarified that whilst that meeting had suggested a revolving chair, the Council subsequently were advised as to the illegality of this,and Councillor Rootham is thanked for taking the chair in the interim.
  • 39.2 Minutes of meeting 18.4.13 taken as a true record. Proposed by Councillor Allen and seconded by Councillor Campbell. It was later noted that only the Parish Council Meeting on that date should have been approved as the Annual Parish Meeting Minutes are approved at the next Annual Parish Meeting.


  • 40. Matters arising from the minutes:
  • 40.1 29.1: Clerk requested to update the Council as to the progress and response from Highways.
  • 40.2 29.2:  Councillor Allen expresses the need to clarify as he is aware from personal knowledge that the Council do have such a mechanism, and will endeavour to make enquiries direct with the Council / observe / photograph said mechanism when next in the locality. Proposed by Councillor Allen and seconded by Councillor Campbell, all in favour.
  • 40.3 Councillor Rootham, was asked about the absence of the Speed Indicator Sign, and he asked when Councillor Cole would be available to assist with the installation, and was informed either 20th or 21st May.


  • 41. Co-option.
  • The Parish Council are in a position to co-opt up to two Councillors. Councillor Cole proposed, seconded by Councillor Reynolds, Mr Paul Morris of Greenwoods, 2a Harrowden Road, all in favour and  then Councillor Cole proposed, seconded by Councillor Reynolds, Dr John Hutchings of 7 Pytchley Road.  Clerk to deal with the formalities.


  • 42. Allotments:
  • 42.1 Councillor Rootham raises concern as to any suggested Allotment Association. The allotments are subject to renewal annually and the land has been designated in the long-term as burial land. The offer of Rod Derry to provide a copy of the allotment map with measurements to the Clerk was gratefully accepted.
  • 42.2 The Meeting discussed the need for an allocated ParishCouncillor to have a “helicopter view” over allotment issues, in particular to ensure direct communication with existing and prospective allotment holders. The Clerk shall retain administrative duties. John Hutchings as an allotment holder will accept this role, once he has completed the relevant paperwork.


  • 43. Finances.
  • 43.1 Receipts and payments for year end 2013. The references in fixed assets shall be amended from “speed camera” to read “speed indicator”.
  • 43.2 The meeting observed the need for the document to be checked for spelling errors. Councillor Cole queries Section 137 payments and why as representatives of the community with £2,281.65 at our disposal, only £20 been spent. CouncillorRootham refers to strict rules as to expenditure. The Clerk is asked to add to the agenda for the next minutes, and to be in a position to clarify, the criteria for expenditure. The following shall be added to the accounts information at the end of the document ” The Parish Council have sought advice and clarification as to the strict criteria applicable for the expenditure of section 137 payments”. Accounts approved subject to this addition. Councillor Cole to liaise with Clerk before signing off the accounts with the agreement of the meeting.
  • 43.3 Account payments approved and cheques signed as follows:
  • 792 NCALC Audit fees £145
  • 793 NCALC Training £14.50
  • 794 George James £90
  • 795 E-on maint £ £101.38
  • 796 Clerk salary £99.40
  • 797 HMRC Paye £24.80
  • 798 A-on insurance £308.04 (approval by the meeting to be signed once made out by the Clerk).


  • 44 Correspondence:
  • 44.1 The new County Councillor, Paul Bell has contacted the Parish Council indicating he is available to attend meetings upon invitation. The Clerk to liaise with Paul Bell and provide him withmeeting dates.
  • 44.2 Letter from a resident received in respect of the sighting of the village sign, suggesting inadequate consultation and issues as to ownership of the said site. The meeting were referred to the high level of formal and informal  consultation that has taken place with the community. Councillor Rootham has sought advice from The Highways Department who have provided records of areas maintained by them, that include the land in question.
    The meeting agreed that clarification should be sought as to the status of the land. The meeting noted that after extensive consultation the village supported a village sign, thus it is not for the Council to abandon the project on the views of one member of the community, although the meeting was concerned to recognise that residents views and ensure concerns were taken seriously and addressed. The issue to be added to the agenda of the next meeting. Councillor Rootham to reply to the concerned party.
  • 44.3 Orlingbury Dovecote renovation. County heritage have done a survey (detailed email to be sent to Nigel from Peter) and it is in a bad state of repair. E mail outlines what needs to be done.
  • 44.4 ACRE. Street lighting. Letter detailing the need to update/change all street lights in villages. Money may be available to help in replacing all/parts of some streetlights. A survey will need to be done before any improvements take place.
  • 44.5 Parish Crime Report, 2 Burglary, 5 Burglary other, 1Criminal damage,1 Theft (motor vehicle)and 3 Theft (handling). These figures are for May 2012- Feb 2013


  • 45. Planning
  • No planning applications submitted.


  • 46. Dates of next meetings
  • These were agreed as Thursdays, 4th July 2013, 5th September 2013, 7th November 2013, 9th January 2014, 6th March 2014, Annual Parish Meeting 3rd April 2014, and 8th May 2014, Annual General Meeting.
The meeting declared was declared closed at 10.15pm, with thanks to those attending.

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