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Minutes 8th September 2016






Parish Council Minutes


Councillors Cole (Chairman), Campbell (deputy), Juffkins, Huckvale, Morris, Councillors Bone and Hallam, (Borough) PCSO Fenner, Alison McLaven, Clerk and 6 members of the public


Councillor Gosling


Minutes of Meeting held in the village hall

On Thursday 8th September 2016

  1. Present: Councillors Cole (Chairman), Campbell (deputy), Juffkins, Huckvale, Morris, Councillors Bone and Hallam, (Borough) PCSO Fenner, Alison McLaven, Clerk and 6 members of the public.


  1. Apologies:


Councillor Gosling sent his apologies.


  1. Notes from public meeting prior to Parish Council Meeting,


There was a lot of discussion regarding speeding in the village especially along Harrowden Road. PCSO Fenner is hopeful of getting traffic survey using electronic strips to measure the speed of the traffic along Harrowden Road. It was agreed to ask Highways to paint 30mph signs on the Harrowden Road as the 30mph continues quite a long way past the houses, also regarding a chicane or pinch point along the Harrowden Road. Clerk also to find cost of flashing signs showing speed.


The village planning boundary was also discussed. Wellingborough Borough Council want the majority of the housing they have to provide to be in Wellingborough and the large villages. They now have a plan of housing supply in place. It would be useful to have village plan or design statement. This could say what type of village we are (in fill) and what type of things we want building. Clerk to arrange a meeting with WBC to discuss village plans etc. and then a public meeting will be called to discuss this further.


  1. Declaration of Interest:


There were none.


  1. Approval of Minutes of 14th July 2016


These were signed as a true and correct record, proposed by Councillor Morris seconded by Councillor Huckvale, all in favour.


  1. Public Question Time:


There were none.


  1. Matters Arising


There has been a bit of improvement, in the allotments, but the Clerk will write to one of the tenants. There was discussion of the allotments


A quote has been received to replace the light in Norlinton Close, Councillor Campbell will check on the light and if it is still working, we will wait to replace it.




  1. Road Safety


Discussed previously.


  1. Village Neighbourhood Plan


Discussed previously


  1. Street Lighting


The Clerk had asked why the quotes to change electricity supplier did not agree with the figures in the comparison, they had agreed to provide new quotes for the meeting, but these had not been received.


  1. Correspondence


Ncalc updates and practitioners guide, AGM Saturday 8th October

NCC 20 million steps – encouraging exercise

Invitation to view the new Wellingborough Crematorium

CPRE Autumn roadshow Thursday 27th October

Rural Funding bulletin

Letter from the Village  Hall Committee  thanking us for our interest in supplying broadband and they will contact us with more details following their meeting.


  1. Finance


The External audit report had been received the Clerk will bring it to the next meeting.


The following accounts were agreed for payment.


938      Cancelled

939      Orlingbury Village Hall Rent                                       9.00

940      HMRC PAYE                                                 52.00

941      A McLaven salary & expenses                      211.65

942      E-on street light maintenance                                    121.66

943      BDO audit fees                                               120.00


The new mower has been bought and is working well


  1. 72. Planning applications


No applications had been received


  1. Any Other Business


There was discussion of setting up a Facebook group for the council. It was agreed that Councillor Juffkins will research this and report back at the next meeting.


Councillor Hallam confirmed that the feasibility study for the footpath from Orlingbury to Isham will take place within the next few weeks.


Hedges in the village are a problem, Councillor Morris is going to report them via Street Doctor and the Clerk will look into what happened to the enforcement gang.


Rat poison has been discovered near a cow shed off Isham Road, near to the Footpath. Councillor Campbell will report to Street Doctor.



  1. Dates of the next meetings


The dates of the next meeting is 10th November 2016, at 7.30pm in the village hall.


There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.50 pm with thanks to those attending.






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