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Minutes 12th November 2015






draft minutes of the parish council meeting on 12th November 2015


Councillors Cole (Chair), Campbell (Deputy) Huckvale, Meadow-Jones and Morris, and Alison McLaven Clerk.


Councillor Gosling sent his apologies which were accepted,


Minutes of Meeting held in the village hall

On Thursday 16th November 2015.

  1. Present,


Councillors Cole (Chair), Campbell (Deputy) Huckvale, Meadow-Jones and Morris, and Alison McLaven Clerk.

  1. Apologies for Absence


Councillor Gosling sent his apologies which were accepted,


  1. Declarations of interest


Councillors Campbell and Morris declared their interest in a planning application in Taggies Yard.

  1. Approval of Minutes of 10th September 2015


These were signed as a true and correct record, Councillor Campbell proposed this, Councillor Huckvale seconded, all in favour.


  1. Public Question Time.


There were no members of the public.

  1. Co-option.


The Council is still looking for a suitable co-optee.


  1. Matters arising.


All matters arising were dealt with under agenda items.


  1. Street Lights in Rectory Lane


Three street lights in Rectory Lane were out and when E-on went to repair them they found they had been shot out with an airgun. A resident of Rectory Lane also reported that their gate lights had been shot out. Councillor Cole notified Phil Warne our PCSO, and a letter will be sent to all residents of the lane to ask if they are aware of anything related to this matter.










  1. Speed Sign Data


The Data from the speed sign has been forwarded to the Police.




From To Location Number of vehicles over 30mph
02/08/15 09/08/15 Pytchley Road 4451
09/08/15 16/08/15 Harrowden Road 4474
16/08/15 23/08/15 Northampton Road 2932
23/08/15 30/08/15 Isham Road 1559
30/08/15 06/09/15 Isham Road 1379
06/09/15 13/09/15 Pytchley Road 5279
13/09/15 20/09/15 Northampton Road 3209
20/09/15 03/10/15 Harrowden Road 11617*

* this figure is for two weeks


87.Village sign


The Clerk has not received any quotes for the base of the sign. Councillors will ask for interested parties to send quotes to the Clerk.


  1. BT Phone Box.


The Clerk has not received any quotes for painting the box. Councillors will ask for volunteers.


  1. VTA


Alchemy Trees have done the Visual Tree Assessment. This will be discussed in full at the next meeting.


  1. Dropped Kerb Village Green

    We have received a couple of quotes for the work, around £1400, Clerk to ask Borough Councillor Paul Bell if he has any grants available, and include the VTA work in the request for funding.




  1. Correspondence


Northants Licencing – draft gambling act policy statement

Trish Robinson- thanks on behalf of Connect 5 contribution

Northants Rural Housing – Annual report

NCalc updates.
Police – crime statistics.


  1. Finance

The following accounts were approved for payment.

village hall 904 hall rent 9.00 9.00
N Cole 905 Village green lights 381.66 76.32 457.98
cancelled 906 ————       0.00 0.00 0.00
E-on July – Sept 907 Lighting   559.87 111.97 671.84
E-on maint 908 repairs 124.85 24.97 149.82
HMRC PAYE 909 PAYE 51.60 51.60
A McLaven salary 910 salary & exp 227.61 227.61
Royal British Legion 911 wreath 25.00 25.00


The urban highway grass mowing agreement has been received and the Clerk will sign and return the agreement.


  1. Planning


WP/15/00603/FUL – erection of side/rear extension at 1st Floor level, The Old Forge, Rectory Lane Mr Stephen Bason & Ms Heidi Sarjeant – no comment other than there is a lot of building activity in the area.


WP/15/00619/FUL – Hedgerow removal notice, demolition of existing conservatory and construction of new single storey rear extension with internal alterations, 1 Northampton Road, Mr Mick Welch – no comment


WP/15/00580/FUL – demolition of redundant storage barn and erection of one bungalow with detached garage – The Lodge, Manor Farm, 2 Taggies Yard – Mr W Norton & Sons

The council feels that the building materials are not in keeping with the street scene. There are concerns over the access for construction vehicles. The Council will request a site visit, and also note that the existing hedge is full of holes and there is some fencing required.


WP/15/00659/FUL – Erection of boundary fence between 14 the Green and 1-7 Isham Road -14 the Green, Mr Douglas Jarrett – no comment


WP/15/00343/FUL – 12 The Green Orlingbury – this has now gone to appeal.


  1. Any other business


There was no other business.


  1. Date of next meeting


These will be 14th January 2016, to be held at 7.30pm in the village hall.
There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.45pm with thanks to those attending.


………………………………….. Chairman

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