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Parish Council Minutes 7th November







Councillors Cole, Campbell, Hutchins, Morris 3 Members of the Public & the Clerk


Councillors Reynolds, Rootham, Borough Councillors Timms and Bell


Minutes of Meeting held in the village hall

On Thursday 7th November at 7.30pm


82. Present:

Councillors Cole (Chairman), Campbell (Deputy), Hutchins, Morris, 3 members of the public, Mr Rowlett, Mr and Mrs Kemp and the Clerk.


83. Apologies:

Councillors Reynolds, Rootham and Borough Councillors Timms and Bell all sent their apologies which were accepted.


84 Declaration of Interests:

There were no new or additional declarations
85. Approval of Minutes of 5th September 2013.

These were approved as a true and correct record, proposed by Councillor Campbell, seconded by Councillor Hutchins, all in favour.


86. Public Question Time.


86.1 Mr Rowlett was concerned as although the trees in the Leys had been dealt with by the Borough Council they had not really dealt with the problem. It was agreed that the Clerk would get 3 quotes from tree surgeons to deal with the trees.


86.2 Mr Rowlett was also concerned with a public footpath which had been moved to the hedge line and cut the hedge back leaving the stumps in the footpath. Councillor Cole will contact Street Doctor regarding this.

87. Co-option

Councillor Morris proposed and Councillor Hutchins seconded, all in favour of Co-opting Andy Gosling. Clerk to write to him.


88. Footpath along Harrowden Road


Mr Kemp had attended a meeting with Councillor Morris, the Clerk and representative from Highways, at Mr Kemps property along the Harrowden Road. He has concerns that there is no footpath making it difficult for walkers due to the speed of cars. The Highways representative had said he would advise of the cost of a viability study, an estimated £400, but nothing had been received, and the Clerk will chase this up.


89. Village defibrillator

89.1 The Clerk has spoken to Ian Reynolds, who is a trainer for defibrillator use. He advised that there are 3 different makes of defibrillator, but he is not allowed to promote one over another. They are a) the IPad, b) Zoll and c) Cardiac Science, all cost around £1000 and cabinets to keep them in £700

89.2 Part funding towards defibrillators is possibly available from the British Heart Foundation and an organisation called S.A.D.S


89.3 Once the defibrillator is purchased and sited then it can be ‘adopted’ and put the list so that when an ambulance is called the dispatcher can advise the person on the phone if the ambulance is a while away, where the defibrillator is, the code for the keypad to access it, and then talk them through using it.


89.4 Ian Reynolds will come and give training, for up to 12 people at a time on how to use the defibrillator, all training is free of charge.

90. Maintenance of Seats etc.


The Clerk had sent out to 3 tenderers regarding the maintenance, but had not had any reply. The Clerk then contacted another maintenance company and they had quoted £1750 for all the required work. It was agreed the Clerk would send out more tenders to see if there is a better price available.


91. Street lights.


E-on had sent the Clerk an email regarding the street lights, which showed the number of lamps, also that a couple of lights were missing, the Clerk to send the email to Councillors and they will check the lamps, and confirm that the street lights in Norlinton Close are to be included as they are part of the Parish Council lights.


92. Village Sign Design and Location


92.1 Councillor Hutchins had looked through the CD with all ex Councillor Allen’s information regarding the sign, and had emailed pertinent information/ photos to the council members.


92.2 It was agreed that we were happy to go ahead with a circular metal sign, similar to that of Geddington, with 2/3 large designs in the centre and several smaller images around the edge.


92.3 The large images suggested were the Church, the Hall, and the Dovecote, mention was made of the school house and the old forge.


92.4 The smaller image suggestions were conkers, Jack Badsaddle, cows, doves, daffodils, peacock and small symbols representing: The Queens Arms, the Drama Group, bowls, and brownies.


92.5 The sign will be on a metal pole with a stone base.


92.6 Councillor Morris proposed and Councillor Campbell seconded all in favour of Councillor Hutchins contacting the blacksmith


92.7 The site will be discussed when we have more information regarding costs and a timetable of making the sign.


92.8 The Clerk to email Geddington Parish Council and ask their Clerk who they used and how much it cost.


93. Correspondence


Peter Riches- food bank locations – several around the village
Midland Housing association – affordable housing information
NCC – community surgeries dates
NCC – transport strategies plan
NCC – school admission – passed to village newsletter
NCalc updates
WBC – annual Partnership meeting – 23 October
Crime stats – 1 burglary in August
Police – community speed watch, we advised them that we wish to take part.

NRHA – annual report
NCalc – Highways wardens scheme
Free Trees for community
NCalc Twitter training – 23 October
NCC – asset management consultation – All councillors to send their responses to the Clerk to collate
NCC – extra salt available to buy
Police – crime survey for all councillors
NCC – Highways newsletter.

94. Finance


94.1 The Following accounts were approved for payment.


810 E-on supply July – Sept               £454.54
811 S Miles – green team petrol etc    £102.01

812 Village Hall – Rent                       £  12.00
813 OPCC church floodlights                        £110.05

814 IOC data protection                     £  35.00

815 HMRC – PAYE                          £  53.20

816 A McLaven – salary                     £212.96
817 Royal British Legion –wreath      £  20.00

818 Westcotec speed sign brackets    £192.00

819 Nordis Signs                                £  61.15


94.2 Councillor Morris had acquired a price for hose pip cover ramps, and 3 meters would cost £51, it was agreed that he should order this. He also had looked into providing ramps to cover cables but it was agreed that this should be left until nearer the time it is needed.






95. Planning


95.1 WP/2013/0487/LB – repairs and improvement works to existing conservatory – Church Farm 6 Harrowden Road – All delivery and contractors vehicles to use rear access and park at rear of property.


96. Any Other Business


96.1 Clerk to keep CD with information about the sign as it also contains information regarding the trays for the lectern.

96.2 The Church newsletter is being turned into a big newsletter for the 5 Parishes and there will be a letter explaining this and asking if we wish to contribute towards costs, possibly £100. To put this on the agenda once the letter is received.

96.3 Speed Camera Data – over 56 days in August/September the speed camera recorded 16162 vehicles travelling over 30 mph. On receiving this information the Police have put in a request for the camera van to attend in the village.


97. Date of next meeting


The next meeting is Thursday 9th January 2014 at 7.30 in the village hall


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.05 pm with thanks to those attending.







………………………… Chairman






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