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Parish Council Minutes 6th November 2014







Councillors Cole (Chairman), Campbell (deputy), Gosling (late but advised meeting in advance) Huckvale, Hutchins, Morris, Rootham and Alison McLaven Clerk


Councillor Timms


Minutes of Meeting held in the village hall

On Thursday 6th November 2014



Councillors Cole (Chairman), Campbell (deputy), Gosling (late but advised meeting in advance) Huckvale, Hutchins, Morris, Rootham and Alison McLaven Clerk


76.Apologies for Absence


Councillor Timms and sent his apologies which were accepted.

77. Declarations of interest


There were no changes to the declarations

78. Approval of Minutes of 6th September 2014


These were signed as a true and correct record

79. Public Question Time.


There were no members of the public.


80. Matters arising.


The quotes for the work on the trees were considered and Alchemy Trees were proposed by Councillor Campbell, seconded by Councillor Morris, with all in favour of the work being done by them.


Alan Waller has been sent more information regarding Knotweed at Vicky’s property. There was discussion of the matter.

The County Council looked into the possibility of a footpath along Harrowden Road, but investigation proved that there was not enough room for this. The resident that had requested the footpath has been notified.

The Clerk has not had a response from Ian Reynolds regarding training for the new village defibrillator, she will contact East Midlands Ambulance services, British Heart Foundation and St Johns Ambulance. The Cabinet is in place.


81. Village Sign


Councillor Hutchins having not had any response from David James went to see him and found that he had been ‘off work’ for a considerable time. He was now back and wanting to get on. It was agreed that Councillor Hutchins would return in 2 weeks to go through everything that still needs to be done.


82. Correspondence.

Village Boundaries – The Clerk is going to resend the email to all councilors. This has the maps showing the slight adjustment to the edges of the village boundary.  Any comments will be collated and sent to the Borough. Councillor Rootham wanted it noted that we wanted the boundaries to stay as they are.


The revised bus route will be put in the notice board. The Clerk will write to Stagecoach and ask why it is not possible to get to Wellingborough as early as Kettering in the morning and why the late afternoon bus goes from Kettering later than Wellingborough, meaning the service is not suitable for those working office hours in Wellingborough.  It was proposed by Councillor Campbell, seconded by Councillor Rootham, and all in favour of her obtaining 2 Plexiglas frames to contain the timetables to put on the side of the Noticeboard.


BDO – They had completed the Audit and there were no matters arising.


NCalc – in the newsletter they had advised that we should take stock and do certain ’housekeeping’ matters, as part of this we looked at the risk assessment and agreed that it should be adopted again. A copy of the asset register was given to all councillors for their records.  Standing Orders and financial regulations, along with all policies will be looked at again in May, following the elections. All policies and standing orders were recently agreed, and updated.


Councillor Cole has contacted the Land Registry regarding the allotment fence, and he has received an invoice but is awaiting the information, therefore the bill will be paid next meeting providing we have the information.

83. Finance

The following accounts were approved for payment


853      replacement Sywell Mowers (N Cole) 176.00*

854      E-on July to September                         455.42

855      Orlingbury village hall rent                     12.00

856      HMRC PAYE                                                   50.40

857      A McLaven salary x 2                           202.44

858      BDO – audit fees                                    36.00

859      P White – petrol for mower                      7.19

860      Royal British Legion – Wreath               25.00


*cheque 852 was altered as it was originally made out to Sywell Motors, but amended, the bank then refused to accept the cheque without an extra charge. Councillor Cole replaced the cheque with a personal one, which he is now being reimbursed for.

84. Planning


There were no planning applications, but it was noted there is an application for a development at Sywell


85. Any other business


There was discussion of elections and procedure and the need to keep everyone informed about this.


Councillor Rootham declared an interest, as the Chair of the Village Hall Trustees, he had been asked to as the Parish Council if they would submit an application for solar panels on the roof of the village hall. The trustees are looking to use their funds to make money and this was a possibility by putting 13 panels, not silver edged ones, on the roof of the toilet block.  This would require planning permission and if the Parish Council applied the cost would be reduced. The village hall committee would pay for the application. It was noted that this type of procedure does often happen. It was agreed to put this as an item on the January agenda.

86. Date of next meeting


This will be Thursday 8th January 2015, at 7.30 in the village hall
There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.35 with thanks to those attending.




………………………………….. Chairman


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