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Parish Council Minutes 10th July 2014







Councillors Cole (Chairman), Gosling, Hutchins, Morris, Rootham and Alison McLaven Clerk


Councillor Campbell


Minutes of Meeting held in the village hall

On Thursday 10th July 2014.

49. Present

Councillors Cole (Chairman), Gosling, Hutchins, Morris, Rootham and Alison McLaven Clerk
50. Apologies for Absence

Councillor Campbell sent her apologies which were accepted.


51. Declarations of interest

There were no changes to the declarations
52. Approval of Minutes of 15th May 2014

These were signed as a true and correct record


53. Co-option
Councillor Cole proposed Mary Huckvale, Councillor Gosling seconded all in favour.  The Clerk will contact her and advise.


54. Matters Arising

The Clerk has received the defibrillator and given details to Ian Reynolds for CAB. The owner of the business where the box is going is keen on his staff being trained. Councillor Cole will contact Gillian Walton as she had the list of people who undertook the first aid course and ask if they would like to attend training, it will also be publised on the website and in the newsletter.


The seats and bus shelter have been repainted and mended, although some of the posts have been left at an angle.


Councillor Cole has contacted Felicity Weber to come and  have a look at the trees and comment on the allotment ones as well as the green.


The bore holes for the footpath should be done within the next 6 weeks.


There is now a broadband box and ducting for the broadband, just the fibre needed now.


55. Village Sign

Councillor Hutchins provided a drawing to the meeting. David James have budgeted £3800 + VAT for the sign, galvanising, powder coating and sealing. The base and fitting £600 + VAT. A hexagonal post to match those on the green was agreed. Councillor Hutchins to confirm and to ask for a time frame.  Highways to be contacted when the sign is nearly ready.



56. Correspondence
NCalc – newsletter

ACRE – newsletter

Highways – newsletter

Police – crime report

BRTA – questionnaire re rail link Bedford – Olney – Northampton
NCalc – documents and policies – Clerk to update policies and distribute, and to liaise with Councillor Cole to compile and complete the risk assessment.


57. Finance

The following accounts were approved for payment


841      E-on Maintenance                                 121.66

842      Wellingborough Norse maintenance   1140.00

843      E-on supply                                           450.46

844      E-on Maintenance                                 121.66

845      HMRC PAYE                                                   50.40

846      A McLaven salary x 2                           202.44

847      The Newsletter and photocopier fund  200.00


BDO have been in touch regarding the answers to questions on the form, the Clerk has clarified the answers.


58. Planning

WP/14/00386/OUT – Councillor Rootham proposed that the Parish Council object to this as the development is outside of the village envelope and we are an infill village only. Councillor Morris seconded all in favour.


59. Any other business

The Clerk to contact Land Registry regarding the allotment fence.


Councillor Gosling confirmed that all councillors now have an email address on the website.


Concerns were raised regarding the leylandi along the path leading to the garages Clerk to contact the electricity company.


60. Date of next meeting

11th September 2014, at 7.30 in the village hall
There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.35 with thanks to those attending.





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