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Parish Council Minutes 9th January 14







Councillors Cole Gosling Hutchins Morris Rootham Councillor Bell (NCC)


Councillors Campbell and Reynolds


Minutes of Meeting held in the village hall

On Thursday 9th January 2014 at 7.30pm


01. Present:

Councillors Cole (Chairman), Gosling, Hutchins, Morris, Rootham, Councillor Bell (on behalf of NCC), and the Clerk. Councillor Gosling was welcomed as a new councillor.


02. Apologies:

Councillors Campbell (Deputy) sent her apologies which were accepted, Councillor Reynolds tendered her resignation, the Clerk will thank her for her work and advise the Borough Council that we have a vacancy for a councillor


03. Declaration of Interests:

There were no new or additional declarations
04. Approval of Minutes of 7th November 2013.


These were approved as a true and correct record, proposed by Councillor Morris, seconded by Councillor Hutchins, all in favour.


05. Matters Arising


05.01 88 An email has been received today from the County advising that a survey would cost £1200, but that trial holes could be done first at a cost of £750. Councillor Bell advised that he had a grant available. The Clerk to apply for the grant and advise Mr Kemp that we are progressing with the trial holes and that we are looking for funding.


05.02 92.8 The sign in Geddington was provided for by the WI and the Clerk is awaiting a response from them regarding costs.


06. Councillor Paul Bell


Councillor Bell introduced himself as the County Councillor for Earls Barton division, which comprises 11 Parishes and an urban part of Wellingborough. He is also a Borough Councillor and Leader of Wellingborough Borough Council. He reiterated about the empowerment grant and advised us to use his county council email to contact him pbell@northamptonshire.gov.uk


07. Church Newsletter


07.01 The Church Newsletter will be an amalgamation of the Church Newsletter and Isham and Pytchley Newsletter, and all residents of the 5 Parishes will receive a copy. This will be done in house and it is anticipated that 2/3 of the income will come from advertising. The shortfall in costs is thought to be around £1000 and they are asking for donations from the Parishes, in return a half page in each magazine for our contributions/information.


07.02 Councillor Rootham proposed we contribute £200, Councillor Morris seconded all in favour.


07.03  It was agreed that as standard each month Councillors Names and contact details, date of next meeting and reference to the web site, Councillor Gosling will liaise and advise of other information.


08. The Trees in the Leys

The Trees have been cut back although the branches touching the telecom cables have not been touched, and the height not dealt with. The Clerk had obtained 3 quotes for the work to be done, but it would appear that either Highways or E-on had done some of the work already. Nothing further to be done for the moment.


09. Street Lighting


Clerk to ring E-on to arrange a meeting to walk and survey the lighting, It was noted that the lights in Norlinton Close belong to the Council.


10. Village defibrillator

10.01 As we have a site for the defibrillator we need to decide which model to proceed with Councillor Cole had some information on the different models, Clerk to contact Ian Reynolds to ask if the IPAD is fully automatic and suitable, if so to go ahead with the purchase.


10.02 Clerk to apply to British Heart Foundation and SADS for funding.


10.03 Volunteers for training to be obtained and advised that their details will be made available 


11. Maintenance of Seats etc.


It was agreed the Clerk would contact Norse and speak again to Bosworth’s regarding working needing to be done


12. Village Sign


12.01 It was noted that Little Harrowden have a sign of a similar design to the one we are planning and that the Clerk should contact them for details of costs etc.


12.02 It was agreed to put the sign on the agenda for the next meeting.


13. Correspondence

NCalc – updates
NCalc – re precept capping
NCC – waste and mineral deposit plan submitted
NCC – draft budget information
NCalc – training calendar for 2014
WBC- budget consultation
Pear Technology – digital mapping
NCC – urban mowing contract
WBC – change of monitoring officer, now Sue Lyons.
MGWSP – questionnaire
AON – information re insurance coverage for snow clearance salting and gritting


14. Finance including setting the precept.


14.1 The Following accounts were approved for payment.


820 E-on Maintenance Sept 13           £121.66

821 HMRC PAYE                             £ 50.40

822 A McLaven salary x 2 & ink        £225.44

823 E-on Maintenance Dec 13           £121.66

824 E-on supply Dec 13                     £454.54

825 N Cole signs& brackets               £  22.15


14.2 Following discussion it was agreed not to increase the precept and ask for £7300 as per last year.  Councillor Cole proposed we keep it the same seconded by Councillor Rootham although noting that we cannot do the same every year.


14.3 Councillor Hutchins asked what the reserve was for, it is needed to replace the mower, this is needed every 5 years or so, and to replace the electric lighting.


14.4 Councillor Rootham requested authorisation be given for the mower to be serviced and to include the strimmer.


15.1  Planning


There were no planning applications


16. Any Other Business


16.1 It was noted that the allotment rent is due, and that one of the allotments has changed ownership to Mr Alan Robinson.


16.2 The Clerk raised the matter of the potholes in the road between Orlingbury and Isham which had been mentioned at the Isham Parish Council meeting and they asked if Orlingbury would complain to the County as well. Councillor Bell suggested the Clerk contact Helen Howard to arrange a meeting with the Area Maintenance Engineer and Councillor Bell to look at the repairs needed.


16.3 Broadband is scheduled for 2015, but as the exchange is done in the next village, Councillor Morris will speak to Superfast Northampton to see if it can be brought forward if it is paid for, this will be put in the newsletter to see if residents are agreeable.


17. Date of next meeting


The next meeting is Thursday 6th March 2014 at 7.30 in the village hall. There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.45 pm with thanks to those attending.





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