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Parish Council Minutes 5th September







Councillors Cole (Chairman) Campbell (Deputy) Hutchins Morris Reynolds Rootham Borough Councillor Timms and the Clerk


There were no apologies


Minutes of Meeting held in the village hall

On Thursday 5th September at 7.30pm


64. Present:

Councillors Cole (Chairman), Campbell (Deputy), Hutchins, Morris, Reynolds Rootham, Borough Councillor Timms and the Clerk.


65. Apologies:

There were no apologies


66 Declaration of Interests:

There were no new or additional declarations
67. Approval of Minutes of 4th July 2013.


These were approved as a true and correct record


68. Matters Arising

68.1 51.4 Councillor Bell will attend the November meeting and has requested a copy of these minutes, so that he is aware of issues we are dealing with.

68.2 52.1 The enhancement gang and highways have trimmed various hedges and trees in the village, including the ones in the Leys.

68.3 58.1 Councillor Cole put the information in the Notice board so that residents could respond.

69. Public Question Time.


There were no members of the public in attendance.


70. Co-option

70.1 Following the last meeting Councillor Allen had tendered his resignation and following procedure, the vacancy was advertised to see if an election needed to be held, but there were no calls for this so the council can co-opt. The Councillors will think of co-optees to discuss at the next meeting.


71. Village Web Site


71.1 Andy Gosling has advised the Clerk that the site is almost up and running – Clerk to write and ask for a starting date.

72. Village Sign Design and Location


72.1 Councillor Cole had an advisory pack from the village sign society.


72.2 Following his resignation Councillor Allen had prepared a CD with all the information that he had prepared, Councillor Hutchins took this and agreed to look at the information and call a short meeting to discuss with the other councillors how to proceed.


72.3 Councillor Morris proposed the church car park as the potential preferred location, Councillor Cole seconded 4 in favour, 1 abstension.

73. Street lights


73.1 There has been no response from the Borough Council regarding someone to attend to discuss Mercury Lights.


73.2 The Clerk to contact E-on regarding the inventory to confirm the number of Mercury Lights in the village.


74. Village defibrillator

74.1 The gentleman recommended by the Ambulance Service has not yet responded to requests for information.


74.2 There is a possible site for the defibrillator behind the Porch of the Post Office, where it could be kept locked away.


74.3 Following discussion on the fors and againsts it was agreed to put the item on next months agenda, when we should have more information.


75. Maintenance of Seats etc.


75.1 Councillor Rootham advised the meeting that some of the 106 money had been earmarked for maintenance of the seats, posts and bins in the village.


75.2 It was agreed that Councillor Cole and Hutchins would do an audit of the seats etc in the village and then the Clerk would get 3 tenders to bring to the November meeting.


75.3 It was noted that the bus shelter roof has lost some tiles and this repair would be included in the tender.


76. Boundary Changes


76.1 Councillor Timms advised the meeting that the map he had of the Borough Changes was not the same as the one received by the Clerk, which showed Sywell and Mears Ashby included with the Harrowdens Orlingbury and Isham being represented by 2 Councillors.  Councillor Timms would contact the Boundary Commission and report back to the meeting.




77. Finance


77.1 Councillor Morris had been approached regarding trip matting for use on the green, he was asked to get some prices for this and report back.


77.2 The Following accounts were approved for payment, proposed by Councillor Rootham and seconded by Councillor Campbell.


804 Village Hall  Rent                        £  12.00
805 E-on supply April –June              £449.59
806 Isham Parish Council                   £ 55.44 towards speed camera insurance

807 BDO – audit fees                                     £ 36.00

808 HMRC – PAYE                          £ 18.20

809 A McLaven – salary                     £230.20


77.3 Councillor Reynolds has the forms required for Councillors to be added as new signaturees.


77.4 Councillor Campbell proposed and Councillor Rootham seconded Councillors, Cole, Hutchins, Morris and Reynolds being added to the signature list. The mandate to remain any 2 of 7 Councillors to sign cheques, and the Clerk to be able to move money between the accounts.


77.5 NCalc have agreed a salary increase for Clerks and the Clerks hourly rate has increased from £8.28 per hour to £8.428, which is a monthly increase of £2.22, this is the first increase since 2009, Councillor Campbell proposed and Councillor Rootham seconded all infavour of this increase, and it being back dated to April 2013.


77.6 The  Borough Council have sent out forms for Capital Projects over £12,000, although we have no projects this year, it was agreed to discuss the matter early in the financial year to see prepare in advance when we do have projects.


78. Correspondence


78.1 NCC – re salt bins – more salt available for purchase, but village salt bins will be refilled by the County.
78.2 Highways – Newsletter
78.3 NCalc – newsletter
78.4 British Legion – asking if wreath still required for Remembrance Day, confirmed usual wreath needed. It was also noted that the Remembrance Day service is the one occasion when as many Councillors as possible are asked to attend.
78.5 Burton Latimer Town Council  – Invitation to civic service for Chairman

78.6 Superfast Broadband – poster to be displayed in as many places as possible and residents encouraged to use the link to register interest in Superfast Broadband.

78.7 Police – crime report 1 burglary in August.


79. Planning


79.1 WP/2013/0366/F – Erection of ground floor and first floor extensions together with internal alterations – 6 Lammas Close, Mr & Mrs Mark Rowthorn, no objections just usual comments regarding all vehicles and materials being kept within the curtilage of the site.


80. Any Other Business


80.1 Councillor Campbell had attended the meeting regarding the proposed community shop in Little Harrowden, although the meeting was well attended there were very few volunteers to forward the idea. Councillor Campbell is being kept up to date with progress and will inform the meetings of any progress.


80.2 Councillor Hutchins had an allotment tenant give notice for December, and as there is only one name on the waiting list he will inform that person so they can take over when the site is vacant. He  will update the Clerk at the appropriate time.


81. Date of next meeting


81.1 The next meeting is Thursday 7th November at 7.30 in the village hall


There being no further business the meeting closed at  8.59 pm with thanks to those attending.







………………………… Chairman






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