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Minutes 16th July 2015






draft minutes of the meeting held on 16th July 2015


Councillors Cole (Chair), Huckvale, Meadow-Jones, and Paul Morris, Borough Councillors Bone and Hallam and Alison McLaven Clerk.


Councillors Campbell and Gosling sent their apologies which were accepted,



Councillors Cole (Chair), Huckvale, Meadow-Jones, and Paul Morris, Borough Councillors Bone and Hallam and Alison McLaven Clerk.

  1. Apologies for Absence


Councillors Campbell and Gosling sent their apologies which were accepted,


50.Declarations of interest


No new declarations.

  1. Approval of Minutes of 21st May 2015


These were signed as a true and correct record, Councillor Morris proposed this, Councillor Huckvale seconded, all in favour.


  1. Public Question Time.


There were no members of the public.

  1. Matters arising.


All matters arising being dealt with under agenda items.


  1. Co-option/Council responsibilities


It was agreed to look out for a volunteer to ask to join the council.




Councillor Campbell – Allotments

Councillor Cole – Connect 5 Liaison

Councillor Gosling – Website

Councillor Huckvale – Highways and Footpaths

Councillor Meadow-Jones – Risk Assessment overviews

Councillor Morris – Speed indicator sign

  1. Village sign


The sign is complete and the Clerk will obtain 3 quotes to put the sign in position


  1. BT Phone Box.


It was proposed by Councillor Meadow-Jones and seconded by Councillor Cole, that the form to take ownership of the phone box was signed and will be sent back to BT. It will be covered by our present insurance policy under street furniture. There was discussion of use, and it was noted that it will need some repair and renovation.


  1. VTA


It was agreed that the Clerk would send both quotations to all councillors and ask for their preference and then contact the preferred contractor to do the Visual Tree Assessment on the Green.


  1. Correspondence


NCalc updates and training information

Police – village walk about, this will take place in August and Councillor Cole will liaise
Connect 5 request for funding- Councillor Meadow-Jones proposed and Councillor Cole seconded, with all in favour of donating £200 again this year.
Police – special recruitment starter pack, the posters and leaflets will be distributed.



  1. Finance including Annual Return

The following accounts were approved for payment.

Cost                 VAT                Total £

889      George James – Sign                2500.00           500.00             3000.00

890      E-on maintenance                       101.38             20.28               121.66

891      NCalc training fees                       17.00                                       17.00

892      Alchemy Tree Surgery    899.00                                     899.00

893      HMRC PAYE                              51.60                                       51.60

894      A McLaven – Sal & printer         229.08                                    229.08


It is noted that we have received a cheque for £250 from the A509 development group which had disbanded and the funds divided between, Little and Great Harrowden, Isham and Pytchley Parish Councils.


The Speed sign needs a second battery replacement at a cost of about £80, half of the cost to be paid by Isham Parish Council. Councillor Cole proposed that it be bought, and Councillor Morris seconded.


  1. Planning


WP/15/003438/FUL – reconfiguration of existing roof, erection of rear first floor extension over existing ground floor and rear extension. Insertion of ridge level roof windows- resubmission. 12 The Green.  – Mr N Hutchins. A site viewing requested.


WP/15/00444/FUL – erection of storage barn, the Lodge Manor Farm – W Norton & Sons, concerns the over the size in relation to current size of business.


WP/15/00430/FUL – erection of 4 stables, 1 store room, and 2 open storage areas, 28 Pytchley Road – Mr J Monaghan, no comment


WP/15/00436/FUL & WP/15/00437/LBC – erection of 5 bay garage range building and grounds maintenance, Orlingbury Hall – Mr S Griggs, no comment.


  1. Any other business


The superfast broadband fibers were being connected today, and it should be running from September.


There has been a request from 2 residents about Christmas Lights on the Green, we do not need any permission for this, and Councillor Cole proposed, Councillor Huckvale seconded spending £250 on this, all in favour.


Councillor Hallam advised the meeting that if we had any Section 106 requests to advise him and it will be put on the list that the Borough Council has for unallocated Section 106 monies.


It was noted that there has been a lot of fly-tipping around the village.


  1. Date of next meeting


These will be 10th September 2015,  to be held at 7.30pm in the village hall.
There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.45pm with thanks to those attending.




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