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Minutes 15th May 2014






Minutes of Parish Council Meeting


Councillors Cole (Chairman), Campbell (Deputy), Gosling, Hutchins and Alison McLaven Clerk


Councillors Morris and Rootham sent their apologies which were accepted.


Minutes of Meeting held in the village hall

On Thursday 15th May 2014, following the AGM

34. Present

Councillors Cole (Chairman), Campbell (Deputy), Gosling, Hutchins and Alison McLaven Clerk
35. Apologies for Absence

Councillors Morris and Rootham sent their apologies which were accepted.


36. Declarations of interest

There were no changes to the declarations
37. Approval of Minutes of 6th March 2014

These were signed as a true and correct record


38. Co-option
There was no one wishing to be co-opted the Clerk to ask NCalc how to advertise the position correctly.


39. Matters Arising


There was discussion of the article to go into the Parish Magazine, it will list officers details, the defibrillator, the work on the sign, it was noted that the website needs to updated Councillor Gosling will provide the information to the magazine.


40. Street Lighting


There are no grants available towards the costs of replacing the bulbs of the street lights which need to be changed as the ones in use at the moment are being phased out. It was agreed to wait until it was necessary to the work and to try and phase it over 5 years, using our normal contractor. Councillor Cole will do some more research on this.


41. Village defibrillator


We have received notification from the British Heart Foundation, that we only need pay £400 towards this, the cheque will be raised during the meeting. When the defibrillator has arrived, the box and siting it will be arranged, and the training will be able to take place.


42. Maintenance of seats etc.


This work has not taken place, the Clerk will contact Norse.


43. Footpath along Harrowden Road.


The invoice has been received for the trial holes, and the Clerk thought this was because the work had been done, but when the County was asked the result of the trial holes, she was informed that the invoice has to be paid before the work, the cheque is to be approved during the meeting. Clerk to email after 10 days to see when the work will take place.


44. Village Sign


David James from George James & Son attended the meeting to give an update. He also provided several books with pictures of work they had done. The work was all local, including Geddington and Little Harrowden.  David had provided 2 drawings for discussion. The circular drawing appeared to have all of our suggestions, it included the Church, Jock Badsaddle, daffodils, doves, and around the edge horse chestnut leaves and peacock feathers.  Everyone was in favour of the circular design.


He explained he would make the sign 3 dimensional, using mild steel. There was discussion of the finish, wet spray or powder coated, and it was noted that Little Harrowden had some gilding on their sign.  There was also discussion of the site and the post.


It was agreed that David would go away and refine the design, and frame and work on what type of post, he would report back before our next meeting.


45. Correspondence

NCalc – newsletter

ACRE – newsletter

BCW – link to borough plan

NCC – emergency plan update

Police – crime report and cancelling JAG meeting
NCalc- training courses

Several other companies all offering training and conferences

Wellingborough Homes – garage rent to remain the same £8.70 per week

APC planning – Willow farm, Little Harrowden – intending to submit planning  application for scheme for 10 Units – Clerk to write and advise we look forward to seeing the detailed planning application.


46. Finance


The following accounts were approved for payment


831      E-on Maintenance                   121.66

832      Ncalc subs/audit fees              295.22

833      NCC – trial holes                    750.00

834      A-on Insurance                       310.13

835      Village hall rent                       12.00

836      E-on supply                             444.65

837      HMRC PAYE                                    50.40

838      A McLaven salary x 2             202.44

839      British Heart Foundation        400.00

840      P White petrol for mower           7.07


The accounts and annual return including annual governance statement were agreed and signed.




47. Any Other Business


There is query into the ownership of the boundary fence at the back of the allotments. Councillor Cole will liaise with the PCC to find out any more information.


The speed sign recorded 4651 vehicles going over 30mph from 8- 29 April and 3629 between 29 April and 5 May.


Councillor Morris had sent an email advising that Orlingbury is currently on the to be surveyed list, and is now scheduled to get Superfast Broadband during 2014,


48. Dates for next years meetings


10th July 2014, 11th September 2014, 6 November 2014, 8th January 2015, 5th March 2015, 9th April 2015, the Annual Parish Meeting and 21st May 2015 the Annual General Meeting, the AGM may change depending on the date of the general and local elections.
There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.57 with thanks to those attending.



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