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Minutes 14th January 2016







Councillors Cole (Chair), Campbell (Deputy) Huckvale, and Morris, and Alison McLaven Clerk.


Councillors Gosling and Meadow-Jones


Minutes of Meeting held in the village hall

On Thursday 14th January 2016.

  1. Present,


Councillors Cole (Chair), Campbell (Deputy) Huckvale, and Morris, and Alison McLaven Clerk.

  1. Apologies for Absence


Councillors Gosling and Meadow-Jones sent their apologies which were accepted,


  1. Declarations of interest


No new declarations

  1. Approval of Minutes of 16th November 2015


These were signed as a true and correct record, Councillor Campbell proposed this, Councillor Huckvale seconded, all in favour.


  1. Public Question Time.


There were no members of the public.

  1. Co-option.


The Council is still looking for a suitable co-optee, Councillor Huckvale is making enquiries.


  1. Matters arising.


All matters arising were dealt with under agenda items.


  1. VTA


The permission to work on the trees has been requested. The Clerk will try to obtain 3 quotes for the work, so that once permission is given work can begin.


  1. Dropped Kerb Village Green 

    Councillor Bell may have funding in the next financial year, April 16 and we will discuss this further if we can get funding.


  1. Neighbourhood Plan


The Clerk explained that Borough Councillor Hallam had asked for the matter to be raised. A Neighbourhood Plan details what the Village wants and needs for the future, it can decide where new development goes etc. This is then lodged with the Borough Council and they can use it to help determine planning issues etc. Councillor Hallam had also suggested that Orlingbury could combine with Isham Parish Council and produce a joint plan. There was discussion and it was felt that Orlingbury should remain separate as it was a small village with different needs to Isham. Previously Peter Allen as a Councillor and Chair of the Parish Council had produces a Parish Plan, and it was agreed for Councillor Cole to update this and to see if this could be lodged with the Borough Council.


  1. Correspondence


NCalc updates.
Police – crime statistics.

NCC – scheme to give books to a Yorkshire school which has been affected by the recent flooding.


  1. Finance including setting the precept 

The budget for 2016/17 was discussed and it was proposed by Councillor Cole to set the precept at £7546. Councillor Morris seconded and all in favour.


The following accounts were approved for payment.


913      E-on supply Oct- Dec                         559.87             111.97             671.84

914      E-on maintenance                   101.38             20.28              121.66

915      HMRC PAYE                          51.60                                       51.60

916      A Mclaven sal & Exp              210.49                                     210.49

917      Green Team mowing maint     109.67                                     109.67


There was discussion of the cost of electricity and the Clerk will look into the cost of metered supply. Clerk to obtain costings.


  1. To confirm that the council will remain opted-in to the Sector Led Body arrangements for the procurement of external audit.


Ncalc had contacted the Clerk regarding the above proposal. Councils will no longer have an external audit from 2017/18 but they will still be required to appoint an auditor in case an audit is requested. The internal audit will continue. If the Parish Council do not opt in to the scheme they will have to procure their own external auditor which will be a very involved and possibly expensive process. Councillor Morris proposed and Councillor Huckvale seconded all in favour of confirming that the council will remain opted-in to the Sector Led Body arrangements for the procurement of external audit.


  1. Planning


WP/15/00803/FUL   Erection of single storey building to be used as pre-school nursery- replacing existing one. New vehicular access off Redhouse Road leading to car parking spaces with associated landscaping and outdoor play area | 420 Kettering Road  Following discussion it was felt that the new access does not address the original concerns about volume of traffic and feel that measures need to be taken at the junction to ensure safe access




  1. Any other business


The Christmas lights on the green were a great success. Congratulations were given to those who had put them up and taken them down. There was discussion of possibly having a small Christmas tree on the green, with possible funding from the Joseph Manning Trust.


  1. Date of next meeting


This will be Thursday 10th March 2016, to be held at 7.30pm in the village hall.
There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.45pm with thanks to those attending.


………………………………….. Chairman


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