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Minutes 12 May 2016






draft minutes of the Parish Council Meeting on 12 May 2016


Councillors Cole (Chairman), Campbell (deputy), Gosling, Huckvale, Morris, Councillor Hallam (Borough) and Alison McLaven Clerk, two members of the public


Councillor Bone sent her apologies which were accepted


Minutes of Meeting held in the village hall

On Thursday 12th May 2016

  1. Present: Councillors Cole (Chairman), Campbell (deputy), Gosling, Huckvale, Morris, Councillor Hallam (Borough) and Alison McLaven Clerk, two members of the public


  1. Election of Chairman


Councillor Campbell proposed, Councillor Gosling seconded, Councillor Cole to be Chairman, all in favour.


  1. Election of Deputy


Councillor Huckvale proposed, Councillor Gosling seconded, Councillor Campbell to be Deputy, all in favour.


  1. Apologies:


Councillor Bone sent her apologies which were accepted


  1. Declaration of Interest:


There were none.


  1. Approval of Minutes of 10th March 2016


These were signed as a true and correct record.


  1. Report from Councillor Hallam


Classification in the Core Strategy appears to have changed, and we need to say we wish to remain restricted infill by 27th May. Councillor Cole proposed we stay ‘restricted infill’ Councillor Campbell seconded, all in favour Councillor Cole will email Julie Thomas to inform her of this.


The Core strategy group is made up from Kettering, Corby Wellingborough and East Northants borough councils and Northampton County Council, it decides how many houses and where they will go and what development is permitted. We have been told by the NNCJS of a link to the plans. There is a piece of land allocated for development, which Kettering BC have received a scoping document, this came to the notice of Isham Parish Council. A public exhibition was held and the developers, DB Symmetry came to Isham’s meeting, some residents of Orlingbury also attended. The concern is that they want to put 6 large warehouses on the site, providing 3000 jobs. It is known that employment agencies in the area are struggling to fill vacancies at the many large warehouses along the A14 already. The access to the site is proposed to be a roundabout from the A509, at a point where it already floods. Isham have written to MP’s senior executives on the councils etc. It is possibly too late to stop this, but 106 should be attached so that the bypass is built and money given to traffic calming along the ‘rat runs’


  1. Public Question Time:


Pat Waller was concerned after hearing from Hardwick Parish Meeting that there had been a lot of burglaries lately, including guns taken from a home in Orlingbury. Councillor Cole advised her that he is now the lead of Neighbourhood watch and that there is a section on the website devoted to Neighbourhood watch.


Pat Waller also asked if the council thought there were enough people in the village using oil to get community oil. This matter had not been discussed previously and it was agreed to put

an article in Connect 5 to see if there is interest.


Susan Cole noted that in the past there has been a newsletter, she offered to help update and produce a new one. It was felt that a newsletter could be produced once or twice a year.

  1. Matters Arising:


The Phone Box has been painted


The Risk Assessment has been done


The Tree work is completed


  1. Co-option


Jackie Juffkins was proposed by Councillor Campbell and seconded by Councillor Huckvale, the Clerk will contact her with the relevant information and forms.


  1. Clean for the Queen


This has taken place, and 8 people took part. 8 large bags of rubbish and a tyre were collected. Thanks were given to those who had taken part and it was discussed whether or not to make this an annual or biannual event.


  1. Correspondence


Ncalc updates

WBC – Request for funding contribution to Wollaston Recycling centre, it was felt that there are nearer recycling centres available, and we have no spare funds, it was noted that there are  big businesses locally who could support  this.

Norse – detailing services

BCW – consultation on draft plan, mentioned previously by Councillor Hallam

BDO  – Annual Return

AON – Insurance documents


  1. Finance


The following accounts were agreed for payment.


921 Northants Calc Subscription and Audit Fees      £422.29                       £422.29

922 Alchemy Trees work done to trees on green      £930.00                       £930.00

923 E-on electicity maintenance                               £101.38           £20.28 £121.66

924 E-on site visit broken lamps                               £  23.47           £ 4.69  £  28.16

925 SLCC – training for clerk                                   £  17.25           £ 3.45  £  20.70

926 A-on insurance                                                    £305.48                       £305.48

927 R Hines – painting the phone box                       £780.00                       £780.00

928 HMRC – PAYE                                                   £  51.60                       £ 51.60

929 Mrs A McLaven – salary & expenses                 £225.85                       £225.85

930 E-on electricity supply Jan – March                   £553.79       £110.76   £664.55


The new financial regulations were approved, proposed by Councillor Cole and seconded by Councillor Morris, all in favour.


It was agreed that all councillors that can sign cheques would form the finance committee and would be able to approve payment of invoices received between meetings so that they were paid within 30 days of receipt if the meeting was more than 30 days away.  Proposed by Councillor Cole and seconded by Councillor Morris, all in favour.


The Annual Return had the annual governance statement approved and accounting statement approved, proposed by Councillor Morris and seconded by Councillor Cole.


  1. Planning applications


WP/16/00131/FUL – proposed first floor extension to bedroom, 22 Isham Road, Mark Tilley, no objections.


  1. Any Other Business


There was discussion of parking on the corner of Northampton Road which was causing problems. Clerk to email PCSO, Councillor Hallam advised talking to the person as well.


The Notice Board is leaking.


It was agreed to put ideas for use of the phone box onto the next agenda.


Clerk to ask Councillor Bell for funding for disabled access onto the Village Green.


  1. Dates of the next meetings


The dates of the next meetings are 14th July 2016, 8th September 2016, 10th November 2016, 12th January 2017, 9th March 2017, Annual Parish Meeting 13th April and the Annual General Meeting is on 11th May 2017, all being held at 7.30pm in the village hall.


There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.55pm with thanks to those attending.





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